Method Man Calls Out Jay-Z

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Method Man has let his displeasure with the media known of late, and now he’s calling out his label, Def Jam, and head honcho Jay-Z. Meth tells The Breakdown, “Whatever happened to artist development? They’ll take Ne-Yo, they’ll take Rihanna and develop them. They don’t do that with us rappers. You know why? They look at us as fast food… I don’t have anything against The Roots or Nas. But, there’s a lot of hungry muthas out there that deserve those slots. The Roots has a deal, Nas had a deal and still has a deal. Jay, stop sitting in that office. Stop signing all these established acts. You know you a street [brotha], go out there and find that talent. Let’s go out there and get some of these hungry [muthas]. [Brothas] is mad, they feel like New York ain’t be represented right ’cause the right [brothas] ain’t being heard, and I gotta agree.” Method Man’s 4-21 is slated to be released on August 22nd
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