Sunday, July 09, 2006

01. The Pimp Is Free (Intro)
02. Free
03. Knockin' Doorz Down featuring Lil' Keke
04. Rock 4 Rock
05. Pourin' Up featuring Mike Jones and Bun B
06. The Honey
07. Getcha Mind Right
08. I Don't Fuc Wit U
09. Workin' The Wheel
10. Bobby & Whitney
11. Like That (Remix)
12. Cheat On Yo Man
13. Havin' Thangs '06 featuring Bun B
14. Overstand Me
15. On Your Mind
16. I Miss You
17. Outro


1. Get You Some (w/ Marsha Ambrosius & Q-Tip) [prod. Dr. Dre]
2. Touch It [prod. Swizz Beatz]
3. How We Do It Over Here (w/ Missy Elliott) [prod. Dr. Dre]
4. New York Shit (w/ Swizz Beatz) [prod. DJ Sratch]
5. Been Through The Storm (w/ Stevie Wonder) [prod. Sha Money XL]
6. In The Ghetto (w/ Rick James) [prod. Green Lantern & Dr. Dre]
7. Cocaina (w/ Marsha Ambrosius) [prod. Rick Rock]
8. You Can't Hold A Torch (w/ Q-Tip & Chauncey Black) [prod. J. Dilla]
9. Goldmine (w/ Raekwon) [prod. Erick Sermon]
10. I Love My Bitch (w/ Will.I.Am & Kelis) [prod. Will.I.Am]
11. Don't Get Carried Away (w/ Nas) [prod. Dr. Dre]
12. They're Out To Get Me (w/ Mr. Porter) [prod. Denaun Porter]
13. Get Down [prod. Timbaland]
14. I'll Do It All (w/ Latoya Jackson) [prod. Jelly Roll]
15. Legend Of The Fall Offs [prod. Dr. Dre]


1. Wake Up Cleveland
2. The Payback
3. Bumpin' My Music- featuring Scarface
4. Smokin' & Leanin'; Smokin' & Leanin'\ Coppin' N Cappin' (Interlude)
5. Fiends, Fiends, Fiends
6. Sex Appeal (Pimp In My Own Mind)
7. She A G
8. Dope Game
9. Better Way- featuring Beanie Sigel
10. Fuck Amerikkka
11. Livin My Life
12. The Bomb- featuring Yummy
13. P.A.N.- featuring Bun B, Pastor Troy
14. Take It How You Want It
15. Here I Stand
16. Bumpin' My Music- featuring Project Pat, Pimp C, TI

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